Scandinavian Kayaking Adventures

How SKA Started

Originally from the UK, myself (Darren) and my wife (Aska) moved to Sweden in 2012. With a keen interest in nature and wilderness, Sweden seemed like the perfect place to setup home and start a family, and we were right.

We quickly fell in love with our new home, Gothenburg, perfectly situated between the rocky Bohuslän Coast and the sandy beaches of Halland, and having always loved kayaking, it seemed natural to buy a sea kayak and explore the sea as well as land.

Heading up to Bohuslän Coast for the first time we had heard that the area was beautiful but what we weren't expecting to find was a world class sea kayaking location. Having not heard much about the West Coast of Sweden whilst living in the UK, I decided that people need to know about this place, and I got to work blogging and spreading the word on the usual kayaking forums. However, the response I got back was that it wasn’t so easy to organise a multi-day trip and there were practical issues which stood to hinder any trip.

So Scandinavian Kayaking Adventures was born, founded on the love of the Swedish Coastline. Driven by the love of Bohuslän Coast and my desire to show the world how beautiful Sweden is both on land and sea.

We organise all the practicalities and make it easy to book a kayaking holiday in Sweden. Always doing everything we can to make sure everything goes smoothly and our customers have an awesome time whilst kayaking the stunning West Coast of Sweden.


Långeskär, Bohuslän
Henrik Trygg/