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Kayaking in the Bohuslän Coast
Scandinavian Kayaking Adventures

Sea Kayaking & Wild Camping Along the Bohuslän Coast, Sweden

Due to the difficulties of running a business such as this one during the pandemic, we have decided to stop taking bookings until things return to normal. Please do not let this stop you from coming to West Sweden and exploring the beautiful Bohuslän coast. There are plenty of other fantastic tour operators out there.
West Sweden Kayaking

Kayak in Sweden at Sweden's kayaking paradise, the Bohuslän Coast. If you are looking for a kayaking holiday in Europe, there really is no better place. Bohuslän, with it's 8,000+ wild uninhabited islands make up Sweden's most beautiful archipelago. The rocky coast of Bohuslän, along Sweden's west coast, is known as the best place for kayaking in Sweden, and is one of Europe's top kayaking destinations.

Our self-guided, kayaking and camping tours are suitable for both beginners and experienced kayakers. With all the equipment and logistics taken care of, you can enjoy a carefree, activity holiday in stunning surroundings at your own pace.

During the day; explore by kayak the calm sheltered waters around uninhabited islands, paddle crystal clear lagoons, sunbath on white sandy beaches and spot nature around Bohuslän's majestic terrain. It is easy to see why CNN Travel named Bohuslän, 'Sweden's kayaking paradise'.

Spend your evenings; wild camping on your own private island, swimming in sheltered coves, fishing from the rocks and cooking on an open fire.

We are based in Gothenburg, the gateway to the Bohuslän Coast and provide fun, self-guided, multi-day sea kayaking adventures suitable for everybody.

Included in all our Kayaking & Camping Packages

Scandinavian Kayaking Adventures handle all the practicalities of your trip, including local transport, kayak, camping and cooking equipment.

kayaking Kayaking Equipment
Quality kayaking, safety and navigation equipment.
camping Camping Equipment
Quality camping & cooking equipment.
travel Local Transport
Minibus transfer from Gothenburg to the very best launch spot in Bohuslän and back again.
map Linear Routes
Different start and end points. So no backtracking....
food Food Service
Pre-purchase your food so that its packed and ready when you arrive.
route Maps & Routes
Maps, suggested routes and comprehensive guidebook.
luggage Luggage Storage
We hold on to your extra luggage until the end of your trip.

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Our Packages

We offer self-guided, all-inclusive kayaking holidays with all the practicalities taken care of.
Sea kayak and wild camp along Sweden’s most beautiful coastline; you’re about to take a truly inspiring journey.

Discover Sweden's Archipelago

The Bohuslän Coast is known as the best place for sea kayaking in Sweden. Find out why it is the perfect location for your kayaking adventure holiday.

Self-Guided Sea Kayaking Holidays

We offer kayaking & camping packages to suit all and with all the equipment & logistics taken care of, you are free to enjoy the adventure your own way.

Activity & Adventure Holidays in Scandinavia

Sweden is one of the best places for activity holidays in Europe, and the Bohuslän Coast is known to be the best place for sea kayaking in Sweden. We like to think of Bohuslän as a giant adventure playground for kayakers. You can set off on your own wilderness adventure whilst still being close enough to civilisation to feel safe. Sweden's 'right to roam' law means that you can camp, swim, hike and paddle almost anywhere along the coastline.

Read here what some of the top travel journalists have to say about the Bohuslän Coast.

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Kosterhavet, Bohuslän / Forest
Fredrik Broman / Apelöga / imagebank.sweden.se