Hamburgsund, Bohuslän
Scandinavian Kayaking Adventures


Our trips are as close to an All-Inclusive kayaking holiday as you can get. We provide all you need to create your own unforgettable adventure; self-guided kayaking and wild camping along Sweden's most beautiful coastline; The Bohuslän Coast.

Kayak and wild camp among the 8,000 islands which make up Sweden's best archipelago, the Bohuslän Coast.

During the day; explore the calm sheltered waters around uninhabited islands by kayak, paddle crystal clear lagoons, sunbath on white sandy beaches and nature spot around Bohuslän's majestic terrain. Spend your evenings; wild camping on your own private island, swimming in sheltered coves, fishing from the rocks and cooking on an open fire.

We have all the practicalities of your trip covered.


  • Top quality kayaking, camping and cooking equipment
  • All the gear is top quality to ensure you have a fantastic day paddling around the archipelago and a comfortable night's sleep wild camping on the islands.

  • Wild camp on your own private island
  • Due to Sweden's 'freedom to roam' law, you are able to wild camp on almost any island within the archipelago. Use our customised guide book to find one of our recommended camping spots or explore to discover your own private island for the night.

  • Private transport from Gothenburg to the very best launch spot in Bohuslän and back again
  • We will collect you from Gothenburg Landvetter airport or any Gothenburg Hotel or Hostel, and take you to the very best launch point in Bohuslän, the Fjällbacka archipelago (1.5 hours from the city centre).

  • Safety and navigation equipment
  • You will receive a map, compass and a customised guide book full of local knowledge, including the best islands to wild camp, top sights and recommended routes to follow. You will also receive quality safety equipment.

  • Prepay food service
  • Taking advantage of our food service, you can pre-purchase your food and drinks from our list before you arrive for your trip at cost price, so that it is ready and packed for when you arrive.

  • Baggage storage
  • If your thinking of extending your holiday to see Gothenburg we can hold onto your baggage for you until your kayaking trip is over.


(2-8 PERSON)


transportcamping gearkayakcooking gear

Private Transport; transport from and back to any Gothenburg hotel or airport, Kayaking Equipment; Double Kayak (1 per 2 persons)*, Paddles, Spray Decks, Life Jackets, Bilge Pump, Camping Equipment; Tent (1 per 2 persons), Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Mats, Torch, First Aid Kit, Waterproof Bags, Rope, Navigation Equipment; Compass, Map, Customised Guide Book, Emergency Phone, Cooking Equipment; Gas Stove and Gas, Lighters, Pans, Cups, Plates, Cooking Utensils, Eating Utensils, Water Bottles, Services; Pre-pay Food Service, Baggage Storage.

*A double kayak is recommended for a more enjoyable & social trip - however, single kayaks can be provided at special request or for odd number groups.

Trip Length:
Flexible (2 nights minimum). 3-5 nights recommended.
Fitness level:
Ability level:
Various routes available; ranging from novice to challenging.
Common sense and a taste for adventure is required.
Sweden's West Coast, The Bohuslän Coast.
The final amount will be charged in Swedish Krona (SEK)

Nights* SEK GBP(£) EUR(€)
2 3800
325 370
3 4290
4 4840
410 470
5 5350
455 520
6 5790
490 560

*We can do early and late pickups, so for example, 3 nights can get you almost 4 days on the water.

For longer trips contact us for a quote.



Add our comfort package and enjoy a more comfortable trip. Our self-inflating camping mat and pillow mean that the lumps and bumps associated with camping are no more.

You can request the comfort package any time before the start of your trip or mention it on the enquire page in the 'Anything else we should know' box.


Inflatable Sleeping Mat, Inflatable Pillow, Camping Stool

+100 SEK (Swedish Krona)
Per person, Per night.


Family friendly Sweden makes a perfect location for a family kayaking and camping holiday. Introduce the younger family members to Sweden's stunning coastal scenery, all within the safety of the sheltered waters of the inner archipelago. We have an age limit of 15 years old (if accompanied by an adult) and offer a 20% discount for youngsters (15-18).


To make a booking visit our Enquire page and fill in the form. We will then get back to you confirming our availability and send you a link where you can fill in the booking form with all your groups details.



Image Credits: Henrik Trygg/Christoffer Collin/, Robert Dahlberg/Roger Borgelid/

Bohuslän Kayaking
Scandinavian Kayaking Adventures


We pride ourselves on only hiring out great quality kayaking & camping equipment to ensure you have the best possible trip.


We typically use Tahe Marine Tandem Maxi Kayaks. We find they are easy to handle and very stable. They offer plenty of space for all the equipment and with two people per kayak you can paddle for longer, making them ideal for multi-day trips. The composite hull is designed to be stable, with quick acceleration and a high end speed.

We can offer single kayaks at special request but we highly recommend tandem kayaks for a more enjoyable trip.


Our tents are top quality 2 person Hilleberg Rogen tents and supplied one per two people. The tents have two doors making them airy on warm days and cozy during cold nights. It is well-suited to nearly any adventure and its self-supporting design means only the vestibules have to be pegged out, making a good choice for tougher pitching conditions.

Morning View
Helena Wahlman/


Tahe Tandem Maxi Kayak (1 per 2 people)
Lightweight Fiberglass Paddle (1 per person)
Spray Deck (1 per person)
Life Jacket (1 per person)
Bilge Pump (1 per 2 people)
Waterproof Bags (for your clothes)
Rope (1 per 2 people)
Hilleberg 2 Person Tent (1 per 2 people)
Clean Sleeping Bag (1 per person)
Sleeping Mat (1 per person)
Torch (1 per person)
Trangia Gas Stove Pan, Frying Pan (appropriate for the group size)
Gas (appropriate for the group size / trip length)
Flint Lighter (1 per group)
Eating Kit Cup, Plate, Bowls, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Salt & Pepper (1 per person)
Cooking Kit Large Spoon, Spatula, Cooking Tweezers, Knife, Food Prep Board (1 per group)
Water bottles Filled with water
Freezer Bag / Icebox (appropriate for food amount)
Custom Guide Book (1 per group)
Weather/Wind/Tide Forecast
Map (1 per group)
Kayak Compass (attached to kayak, 1 per group)
Handheld Compass (1 per group)
Waterproof Map Holder (1 per group)
First Aid Kit Plasters, Bandages, Alcohol Wipes, Tweezers
Emergency Phone





Is this trip for me?

You will get wet, you will get salty hair and skin, toilet facilities are basic (a hole or bush), you will be wild camping and with it experience all the highs and lows of spending nights and days in an outdoor environment. If you think you will not enjoy any of these things then this trip may not be for you.

I'm a novice / intermediate, is this trip suitable for me?

We have 7 different set routes laid out in our customised guide, each vary in difficulty and are unique in what they offer. Maybe you want a relaxed trip or maybe a challenge, we have it covered either way. We are fully mobile, meaning we can take you to the very best launch spot depending on the type of trip you are looking for / weather conditions.

Where will we be kayaking?

All our trips take place along the Bohuslän Coast, which is known as Sweden's kayaking paradise (CNN Travel). Many of our routes pass through the Fjällbacka archipelago, which in our opinion is the very best of Bohuslän.

Where will we be camping?

You are free to wild camp almost anywhere in the archipelago. Use our customised guide book for camping spot recommendations or find your own private island to camp on for the night.

Is there a set route?

Only if you want there to be. We provide you with a customised guide which details 7 different routes, graded for difficulty, however it's really up to you whether you want to follow one of them. We have 5 different pick-up points along the coast, simply text us where you are heading the night before the end of the trip and someone will be waiting to collect you on your final day.

Will we have a guide?

No, all our trips are self-guided. We will provide you with a customised guide book detailing recommended routes and camping spots. We will also talk you through the gear and routes before you set off, other than that your on your own to enjoy your trip at your own pace.

Is it safe?

You need no prior sea kayaking experience to do this trip. There are no strong currents or dangerous tidal waters around the archipelago and the many islands which make up the archipelago provide a natural barrier from the open sea. The kayaks we use are extremely stable, so you're very unlikely to fall in, but if you did, it’s just matter of pulling yourself back aboard. We provide you with all the safety gear to help keep you safe and many of the routes skirt islands, meaning you are never far from the shore.

Do we have to be fit?

You don't have to be fit to go sea kayaking. Being a self-guided trip, you get to decide your own pace and many of the recommended routes have short cuts, so even if you are slower than you expected, it's not a problem.

Will we get lost?

It can be hard to navigate when your so low in the water but it's all part of the fun. One of the group will be assigned as the navigator, they will have a kayak compass strapped to their kayak, will have a map and a hand compass. It will be their job to navigate your group through the islands. A bit of knowledge of how to read a map is useful but even if you are a novice, you will soon pickup the observation skills needed to stick to the route.

What is the weather like?

A typical summers day has an average temperature of 24°C with water temperatures around 21°C. Generally, the temperatures are perfect for kayaking. Obviously, as with anywhere, there is always a chance of rain but if it does rain, it often passes quickly during the summer months. Being so far North, you can expect long days during June & July, where the sun barely dips below the horizon.

What about food? Is it included in the price?

We will send you a food list 30 days before your trip, you can then select and pre-purchase all the food you need, so that it is waiting for you when you arrive. Food is not included in the price, however you pay the same price as we do at the local supermarket. Included in the food list will be a range of foods which will cater for most dietary requirements. If you have any special requests, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Why do you recommend double kayaks?

The double kayaks we use are extremely stable and can fit plenty of gear for long trips. With two paddling, you will find you can paddle further and for longer. They also provide a more sociable and enjoyable trip. We can however, provide single kayaks at special request.

Can you pick us up at X or drop us at X?

We can pick you up or drop you off anywhere within the Gothenburg or Bohuslän region. This can be at a hotel, hostel, train station or airport. If you have any special requests, just let us know and we will let you know if it is possible.

Can you hold onto excess luggage whilst we are kayaking?

Yes, this is not a problem.

My flight is arriving late / leaving early?

If you have a late flight on your arrival day or an early flight on your final day, we recommend that you book into a hostel or hotel in Gothenburg, This way you can get an early start and make the most of your time on the water.

What extra costs are there?

The following are not included in the trip price:

  • Flights to Gothenburg Landvetter
  • Food (food for the trip is available to pre-order and charged at cost)
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance

Can i bring my own gear?

You are welcome to bring your own gear, however we cannot provide any discount if you do so,

What should i pack?

  • Shorts & t-shirts
  • Trousers & warm jumper
  • Shoes or Neoprene socks
  • Swimsuit & towel
  • Sun cap & warm hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen & toiletries
  • Camera

A full list will be sent to you before you arrive.

We have more questions!

Just send us an email. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.