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Scandinavian Kayaking Adventures


Although we take away most of the work of planning the practicalities of your trip, there are a few things you will need to decide on before arriving for your kayaking holiday.

Below are the steps needed to get your kayaking adventure started.


Our season starts in May until the end of September.

May to mid-June

May is a lovely month, buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming summer. The leaves have appeared on the trees and flowers have started to bloom. You may awake to a springtime frost which soon melts away when the sun rises above the horizon. Being high up North, daytime is very long and it hardly gets dark at night. Midsummer falls on a Friday around June 20 to mark the summer solstice. This to many Swedes is a more important celebration than Christmas.

Late June to mid-August

The sea has started to warm as we enter the prime summer months. Temperatures can hit 25c in June, July and August, very occasionally edging up towards 30c. This is when Bohuslän Coast really comes alive, as the fishing villages fill with tourists looking to get a taste of some of the famous Bohuslän seafood. The Swedish summer is characterised by seemingly endless days. This is the perfect time of the year for some late evening kayaking as you decide where to put up camp for the night. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy swimming in the clear waters off the coast and all other perks of the high season.

Late-August to mid-September

The days have started to cool down but the sea is still warm enough to enjoy an evening swim. You can enjoy slightly more predictable calmer weather. Sunsets are at their best at this time of the year and the final rays lighting the pink Bohuslän granite is a sight you will remember forever. An evening spent by the campfire is highly recommended before you prepare to snuggle in your sleeping bag for the night.

Late September

By now it's starting to get a little colder and our season is ready to close. The trees have started to change colour and colourful yellow-red leaves paint a pretty picture. Make sure to wrap up warm be prepared for a little rain. Swedes will be quick to remind you that det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder (there is no bad weather, only bad clothes). We recommend that you should have a bit of kayaking experience should you kayak around this time of the year.


Visit our Enquire page and fill in the availability request form. We will then email you back confirming our availability, along with an attached booking form and some booking information.

Make sure to check there are flights available from your location and chosen dates before booking.


Fill in the booking form and email it back to us.

Once we have received the booking form, we will send you a booking confirmation and a payment request for a 10% deposit to secure the dates.

The rest of your payment is due 2 weeks prior to your arrival if you are paying online, or you can pay at the launch spot by cash or credit/debit card.


If you are flying in, it's now time to book your flight to Gothenburg Landvetter. We can collect and drop you off at Gothenburg airport or from and to any hotel in Gothenburg.

We recommend leaving a day each side so you can get an early start and maximise your time on the water.

We are usually quite flexible regarding times and locations with our pick-ups and drop-offs, so if you have any special requests, just ask and we will let you know if it is possible.


30 days before your trip we will send you a link to our online food shop. Here you can select and pre-pay for all the food and drink which you require for the duration of your trip. (You pay the same prices as we do at the local supermarket).

When you arrive for your trip, your selected food items will be ready and waiting in cool bags.


We recommend packing a smaller carry-on pack with your clothes, if you are also bringing a larger suitcase for the rest of your stay in Sweden, we can hold onto any that baggage for you until the end of your trip.

We will send you a kit list 30 days before the trip starts to help you choose what to bring.



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